We founded Fig40 because we believe that exploring how design impacts process and how process impacts design is worth spending time on.

For us, creating an object that is both inspiring and relevant is an expected outcome of what we do.

But we think reduced cycle times, higher material yields, appropriate tolerances, sources of supply, production costs and quality are equally important metrics that determine the success of any design collaboration.

That’s why we start with research into your market and an audit of your manufacturing capabilities.

That way, we can design a product that enhances user interaction and process that reduces friction within the system so your product launches with economy, efficiency and integrity.




So what's our process?

Our collaborations span the following services:


Market Research:

product and positioning analysis.

Manufacturing Audit:

capabilities assessment, inventory reviews, partner referrals and project management.

Concept Development:

idea generation, drawings

Mechanical Development:


Product Training:

presentations, lunch & learns and CEU content development

Terence is a unique breed of engineer; one who has never uttered the words “that can’t be done”. Trained in Mechanical Engineering, Terence has transformed great ideas into great products for organizations in medical research, automotive manufacturing and product design. His belief that everything can be better has resulted in fresh thinking and robust, creative solutions to all endeavors. Terence pursues designs that are honest and appropriate, creating simple systems that enhance a product’s longevity while diminishing their impact on the planet. Whatever project he works on he is a key component of the innovation capital required to bring great ideas to life.

Terence Woodside

I used to strive to be clever, but clever is woefully short sighted. As a designer of objects, you discover that there are so many tensions that pull on a design: volumes, cost targets, manufacturing competencies, desires from the market, a clever solution is simply the required start.

A degree in Mechanical Engineering at Queen’s University, and years in automotive and furniture manufacturing has grounded me in understanding the nature of natural forces, of what materials can do and how they can be shaped. Appropriate designs for our client’s size and sophistication is a skill crafted over many years and projects.

Being a key component of your teams innovation capital, having a sound understanding and dialogue with your engineering, and manufacturing is what I strive for, to bring the best design form concept to reality. I know everything can be better. The goal of our team is to bring better products into the world for you though our process and our experience. 

 LEGO was the source of Lee’s early interest in designing things. He earned his MA in Industrial Design from Manchester Metropolitan University, where he learned not simply ‘how’ we design but ‘why’ we design. Whether it’s the creation of furniture systems for Teknion and Nienkamper, business equipment for NCR, or seating for Maglin and Allseating, a common theme can be found in all of Lee’s work – one that takes a rational approach to form, and results in an appropriate solution given an object’s context.

Lee David Fletcher

I am a little obsessed by the made environment, as a child I pulled books apart to see how they worked.  I’m compelled by the context of a ‘thing’ - I always ask my students, do we need this new thing? and if we do, what’s its story?

LEGO was the source of my early interest in designing things and my first introduction of systems. I earned an MA in Industrial Design from Manchester Metropolitan University, where I learned not simply ‘how’ we design but ‘why’ we design. 

Whether it’s the creation of new furniture systems, business equipment, or seating, a common theme can be found in all of my work – one that is always evaluating process, takes a rational approach to form, and results in an appropriate solution given an object’s context.

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Best of Canada  |  Stylex F4

Interior Design Best Of Year/Finalist | Rhoi


Best of Canada  |  Perplex Bench

Neocon GOLD  |  Stylex F4

Neocon SILVER  |  Nienkamper Cern

European Product Design Gold | Perplex Bench

Architizer Design Finalist | Perplex Bench


Good Design · Nienkamper | Cern


RedDot · Nienkamper | Metronome 

Neocon Silver · Teknion | Interpret



Neocon/IIDEX Silver · Nienkamper | Metronome 

Good Design · Nienkamper | Metronome


Neocon/IIDEX Bronze · Nienkamper | Omada


Neocon Silver · Allseating | Ray 

Good Design · Allseating | Ray 

IDS/Prototype CISTA/Vertical Rain Garden 


Neocon Gold · Teknion | District