Musical Chairs/Ocean Avenue | 2013

Cache is a high density stacking chair.

One piece, moulded plastic chairs have one thing in common - they need support for the back.  This is generally handled with large ribs or flanges at the corner between the seat and back.  Cache draws its character from another approach to creating this structure: the frame creates a ‘cradle’ for the shell supporting both the seat and the lumbar.  

The profile of the shell necks or thins at the transition between the seat and back where most shells increase in thickness creating a lightness in form.  The Cache frame takes up the structural role here adding structure to the lower portion of the back at a point that still allows for flex in the upper back.  It’s location also corresponds to an arm position creating a natural variation in the frame.

Cache launched at CIFF (China International Furniture Fair) in March 2014.

Its name is derived from the idea of storage – squirrels cache nuts for the winter and computers cache web pages for future reference.

Cache Mustard Yellow.jpg
Cache Capri Blue.jpg

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