Teknion | 2007

District is a reinterpretation of systems furniture.  It re-imagines what panels can be and blurs the lines between panel and design systems.

The driving tone for the development of District was ‘furniture look and feel’.  This was to bring characteristics of residential and mid-century modern office furniture to a new system relevant to today’s office.

Our involvement began at the ideation phase of this project, working toward defining it’s direction, and then as the category lead for space division.  A key element to space division for District is large, seamless expanses.  Traditional panels enable fascias to be no wider than 60” between vertical seams.  The central approach to the construction of the District panel enabled up to 96” wide panels, workstation sized, with a single fascia, including glass.  This single feature transformed the character of the workstation and defined District.

District won an IIDEX Gold in 2007 and a Neocon Gold in 2008.

District® is a collection of desks, cabinets, windows and walls that reinterprets systems furniture. District combines the attributes of classic furniture with the functionality of systems, making efficient use of smaller footprints.


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