Our Manifesto

  1. be bold

  2. listen

  3. always leave a little space for the unexpected

  4. be “super normal” (see Jasper Morrison and Naota Fukasawa)

  5. exercise empathy

  6. be exuberent

  7. avoid excess

  8. make microloans (see Kiva)

  9. be passionate about what you do

  10. don't drink bad coffee

  11. ride your bike

  12. build one as soon as possible...whatever it is

  13. all design work is theory until you build it

  14. be aware of your own biases

  15. don't design a product, design a system

  16. everything we make must become a nutrient for something else - either technical or biological.  (see Michael Braungart)

  17. if in doubt, go look at bicycles

  18. do less better

  19. remember where it came from 

  20. plan for where it's going

  21. remember, your product will spend more time in a landfill than in use

  22. remember, the materials you use were in the ground longer than they’ve been out

  23. adopt the Designers Accord

  24. think of using metal before using plastic

  25. follow the momentum

  26. listen to what your kids are listening to

  27. change your route to work

  28. "seek simplicity and distrust it"  Alfred North Whitehead

  29. just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s not relevant

  30. read more

  31. be exact and clear the clutter from what is essential

  32. respect the nature of natural forces (from Tom Kundig)

  33. we are not inventors....we are designers- creators of physical objects and experiences

  34. inventions happen...if we don’t invent it, someone else will...soon

  35. listen to the makers and the builders

  36. we are not green for you, we are green for us

  37. the internal combustion engine is dead

  38. a drawing or sketch without dimensions is Art

  39. collaborate, don’t conspire

  40. everything can be better


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