Nienkamper | 2010

Omada is a fully featured task chair.  

The goal with Omada™ was to create a chair that was approachable in terms of design, and price-point, neighbourly as it relates to other furniture pieces around it and elemental in its use of materials.  These central reference points were identified in response to a growing shift towards a residential approach to commercial environments and guide to all products working in . 

Elastomeric edges around the back frame below the upholstery couple with a low placement of structural elements create a chair that will not damage table edges. The chair has an overall format that encourages a variety of seating positions, making it ideal in collaborative and team-orientated work environments.

The chair is offered with either a fully adjustable T-arm, or a fixed position cantilever arm.

Omada was awarded a Bronze at NeoCon/IIDEX 2010.


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