Perplex Bench

Nienkamper. | 2016

The Perplex Bench is a very long, monolithic bench.  It is one of a series of furniture products arising from experiments into a new material process - GripMetal.

A bench is a piece of furniture intended for people to stop a while, to sit on and to gather.  It can also function as an anchor point in open spaces.  We have always been compelled to create as long a bench as we can, not only as a sculptural exercise, but as a functional one – strangers like space between  them, and if they’re not strangers they like to be together - so why not get everyone on one bench?

Our experiments with GripMetal revealed a methodology for making a concrete beam that is incredibly strong and incredibly thin.  This methodology enabled this bench.

The bench is cast in ductal, a high performance concrete with a beautiful surface finish. The singular element is supported with 2 cast aluminum legs available either painted or polished. 

This collection of furniture pieces was featured at IDS16 in Toronto in January 2016.



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