TEKNION | 2014

UpStage is a fully featured desking system for offices.

In 2013, we began conceptual exploration of a new approach to systems furniture – one that centred on flexibility in layout and use.  The result of that work is UpStage.  Our role focussed on the conceptual development of the system, and continued to supporting the Teknion Design Team in the development of space division, storage and the integration of height adjustable desks.

The system centres on a trunk, or a ‘stage’ that facilitates a broad range of planning.  Power can be located off-module at varied points along it’s length making any reconfiguration seamless.  Storage pieces can be added and double as space division.  Height adjustable modules can also be added, extending the ‘stage’ and integrating the table leg.

Please note that all intellectual property rights of the products shown or detailed here are owned by or licensed to TK Canada Limited.

Based on a simple platform or “stage,” upStage frees users from the constraints of a benching frame or panel, allowing you to build along a horizontal or vertical plane to create layered worksurfaces and multi-story volumes. upStage is real furniture that can be mixed, stacked and moved around.


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