Cern is an elegant,  small scale table.

Cern is a modern interpretation of a classic harvest table.  It’s a closed, symmetrical structure punctuated at the corners with the connection of legs.  This structure facilitates a fully featured electrical system complete with routing within the legs to the floor.  By integrating the electrics into the the beam, it allows for a fully featured table with a clear glass top and forms the reference for the name of the table – the large hadron collider at Cern in Switzerland.

The tables size range (up to 10’) allows for glass to be used without a subtop and the use of solid wood legs and corner connections that express the materiality of the leg through the glass. The legs are also available in aluminum in a variety of finishes and solid tops are also available.

The scale of the table is optimized for smaller meeting rooms, collaborative team work and with the addition of a modesty panel and other accessories for private office desks.

Cern began as a reinterpretation of our Metronome table, centring on tables for a smaller scale.  This adjustment in scale allowed for an alternate construction of the angled legs that the stability of the table is defined by.

Cern 4.jpg

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