Nienkamper | 2011

Metronome™ is an award-winning collection of conference tables built on a structural system that accommodates a broad range of work environments and styles.

The structure the table is based on draws inspiration from the cast concrete work of Santiago Calatrava.  The support of mass and the recognition of gravity join together to create a visual character that is graceful and scaled to support large tables, but also inherently stable.  

The cast and extruded aluminum elements come together to make handed assemblies from non-handed parts minimizing tooling and the inventory required.  The system shares components at every level, allowing for varied applications and a high degree of reconfigurability.

The power trough at the centre of the table is another signature element.  The inner surfaces can be coloured thereby giving a conference table a controlled dash of colour - not unlike the crazy liner to tailored blue pinstriped suit.

Metronome™ has been awarded a reddot design award (Product Design 2013),  a GOOD DESIGN Award (2011), a Silver at NeoCon/IIDEX Show (2011) and was selected as a finalist in Azure Magazine’s AZ Awards in 2012.

Metronome 3.jpg

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