Arconas | 2013

Datum is a small table for public spaces.

Arconas approached us with the challenge of creating a table to support the collection of seating cubes they were already selling by offering a companion product.  It was intended to work in public spaces and offer integrated power.

Datum draws inspiration from the idea of a dock in 2 specific ways.  The first is the datum line formed by the surface of the water - the legs of the table reflect the datum plane created by the height of the cubes.  And secondly the table and cube together present a casual opportunity for a passerby to ‘dock’ there a while for rest, access to power, meetings etc..  The top has cast features that offer a location to hang a bag or jacket on and reference cleats on the side of a dock.

Datum with Ottoman Fabric

Datum with Ottoman Fabric

Visually, a dock is seen as a solid surface over the surface of the water, Datum floats a table top above the unified surface of the stowed cubes justified to the leg structure completing a finished surface.


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