Cern Accessories

Nienkamper |  2018

The Cern Accessories are a collection of objects made of cast concrete for use around an office - places to put your keys, hang your coat and manage the elements of a desk.

The collection arose from the confluence of 2 clear opportunities - 1) a newly launched furniture collection was in need of a series of small elements to punctuate and humanize the furniture with desk pieces, storage pieces and a coat rack; 2)  when large concrete products are being poured, there is always excess concrete at the end of the process.

Using concrete cast in finely finished moulds creates an incredible surface finish and tactile quality.  The mass of concrete allows for a smaller footprint to achieve required stability for objects like book ends and a coat rack.

A reality of using the concrete at the end of it’s production cycle means that it starts to thicken as it sets.  Form details that are wide and allow an easy flow of material, lend a certain visual quality to the collection that is a direct function of the process.

The pieces function as visual and functional anchors in open spaces on desks and shelves.  They are carefully proportioned to create strong links in composition, allowing the pieces to be used in any combination and any configuration and work as a complete composition.


 We have been looking for a series of small objects for some time that would lend themselves to being cast in concrete to divert this waste material from landfil.


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