Nienkamper | 2012

Rove is a small work table forcollaborative spaces.

At the centre of Rove is the idea for a work table that goes to where you need it to be and does what you need it to do. It sidles up to whatever seating you may need a surface at whether a side chair or a sofa. A base of cast iron is weighted and shaped in a low profile to enable the sliding around and pulling up to whatever position you need it in. The curb at the back of the top supports a tablet or stops your pencil from dropping on the floor. The notch in the centre guides cables down the back of the leg to the floor. 

For a more permanent position, the base has recessed guides underneath to allow cables in at the back and out at the sides.

Made and finished in all natural materials Rove creates a character that is honest, sophisticated and highly functional.


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