InPower 3

Arconas |  2017

The Arconas InPower 3 is a public charging solution - offering AC power from any region internationally as well as USB-C to reliably charge personal electronics in public spaces.

The project began with a need for a better looking product than the previous model coupled with a more capable electronic offering.  A key step in this process was to use die cast aluminum for the enclosure not only to create a robust product but also one that allows for a wide range of finishes - brushed natural aluminum being one of them.  Another key step was to standardize on a round outlet that allows for all worldwide power standards including the european schuko.

Arconas are becoming a world leader in offering power solutions in the notoriously harsh environments of public spaces, and this product will find application on their furniture as well as others.  The form needed to be classic, and distinct while at the same time neutral enough to work in many environments.

The form evolved from a previous conceptual exercise for a similar product that centred on the proportions of a cube and carefully defined curvature continuous radii for the corners.  The radii, chamfered edges, distinct parting line and finish application combine to create the InPower3.


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